Toni Marie Villines

Very impressed! Normally my lips are peeling from both medications and the weather. They felt so smooth and plump after the scrub!

Andrea Pianta DiGennaro

Love this product so much!! My son and I use the Intense Therapy all winter and it helps keep our lips healthy as we are running and skiing in the cold. I also love the Sugar and Spice - it's like fall in a lip gloss. Today I had the pleasure of being vendor neighbors with you and picked up the Sweet Birch set. Amazing!!! I will be wearing that all the time and the pouch is already in my purse. Plus - all this by a fellow Portland mom.

Kayla Van Calcar

The lip scrub is quick and simple and extremely effective! (Not to mention tastes great should a little touch your tongue!) the lip balm feels amazing on your lips, last FOREVER, and a tiny amount goes a very long way. It has the perfect amount of shine and hint of glitter without making your lips look psychedelic!

Heather Nicolari Ucci

This stuff is amazing! Always healing and protecting while being completely natural! Cherry on top is the sparkle. This is a perfect product!

Suzanne CK

When you need a wristlet big enough to hold at least 3 lip luxe lip balms you know you're an addict. I love this line of lip glosses- and the scrub is to die for. The balm is shiny, delicious and feels light on the lips. It also stays on forever! The scrub is super tasty and does a very delicate job of exfoliating. Definitely a fantastic product made by an inspiring entrepreneur!!

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