Lil’ Mamas | June 2016



January arrived and between Brenda, her husband and their two small children, they went through many different lip balms to help heal and prevent the chapped and dry lips they all had. Nothing truly worked. At that point, Brenda decided since she was a stay at home mom that perhaps she should start a DIY project and make her own lip balm. Something that was natural, using all natural and organic ingredients. So she did. And after a couple of months of going through all these different recipes, she has perfected the best lip balm ever. She then started to give it away to family and friends and they all loved it and asked for more. The feedback was overwhelming and Brenda thought, “I can really do something great with this product”. It’s local, natural and provides numerous benefits for all ages. So that’s when she created Mizzi Cosmetics!

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